General Studio Policies

Pricing and the full version of my studio policies are available to all interested students and parents by emailing

I teach 30-minute, 45 minute, and 1-hour lessons. However, scheduling these lessons can be flexible, and in fact, some of my students seem to reap the most benefits out of a lesson every other week!

For students under 18, parent(s) must be present at the beginning and end of the lesson for the first few lessons. After that, their presence is not required every lesson, though I would love to see and chat with you guys every now and then. This is because we need to work together to gauge how lessons are going and work out scheduling. My most successful students are ones whose parents work very closely with me.

IMPORTANT: You must be 18 or older to contact me directly about lessons. If you are under 18, show this page to your parents, and have them contact me.

I will only teach during the scheduled hour and will charge a full lesson hour for that time slot, regardless of when you arrive during that hour. For example, if we schedule a one-hour lesson at 11:00am, and you arrive at 11:30am, I will only teach until 12:00pm and still charge a full lesson hour. On the flip side, if I get carried away with teaching you and go overtime by a few minutes, you won't be charged for those extra minutes.

If a change in scheduling is needed, I require a 24-hour notice.

In the case of an emergency, call or email me as soon as you can to let me know. That lesson will be credited to you.

Snow and other weather: As a native Texan, transforming cars into sleds (or however y'all do it up here) in Ann Arbor’s snow and ice is completely foreign to me. I will not expect you to drive if it risks your safety; we can instead have lessons via Skype or make it up at a later time.